Waging War on Disease & Suffering

Health and Wellness

At JPW3 we believe that health and wellness should be attainable for everyone, regardless of where one lives, income, gender or religion. This is why we are involved in a broad scope of global issues that are directly related to improving the lives of adults who lack the resources to maintain their health and children who live in poverty.

The foundation of this work began with SelenoExcell — a selenium yeast nutritional supplement. SelenoExcell is made by Cypress Systems, Inc., whose CEO/President is Paul A. Willis, the founder of JPW3. SelenoExcell is a vital nutrient for HIV/AIDS patients. The virus depletes the body of selenium, which creates a cascade of serious health problems because the body cannot produce a life saving antioxidant called glutathione.

Movember Men’s Health

In JPW3’s continued support to reduce disease risk, the non-profit is a financial supporter of Movember, a men’s health charity that seeks to help men live healthier lives. JPW3 raises awareness and funds at nutraceutical tradeshows, which is then directed toward men’s health issues such as prostate cancer screening and mental health. According to Movember, “The impact of prostate and testicular cancer on lives is substantial, with prostate cancer being the second most common cancer in men worldwide and the number of cases expected to almost double to 1.7 million cases by 2030.” At JPW3, we want to help Movember change that. us.movember.com

Our Kenyan Kids

Our Kenyan Kids focuses its efforts to provide support for HIV/AIDS patients in the poorest slums in and around Nairobi. It is easily determined that the most vulnerable victims in this health crisis are the children and youth of Kenya. JPW3 provides SelenoExcell, manufactured by Cypress Systems Inc., through Our Kenyan Kids to help HIV/AIDS patients improve their health. When extended family members are too ill to care for parent-less children, they end up in children’s homes, orphanages, or trying to fend for themselves on the streets. Our Kenyan Kids and JPW3 are working to alleviate suffering by improving the health and wellness of parents, grandparents, and care-providers. ourkenyankids.com