At-Risk Youth

Children are the future.

The more we invest in their health and wellness, the better everyone’s future will be. JPW3 supports a number of projects and schools to help at-risk youth get a hand up to do well in school, feel supported, and stay healthy and well.

Hope Unlimited Brazil

The street children of Brazil are given hope and a future in this award winning residential program. Hope Unlimited ministers to the physical, intellectual and spiritual needs of kids who were abandoned to live in the streets. The program supports more than 1019 children and hundreds of graduates with housing, education, counseling, family support and job placement. JPW3 financially and spiritually supports Hope Unlimited’s mission, “Transforming the lives of children at mortal risk, providing them and their future generations a productive future and eternal hope.”

Boys And Girls Club Of Buena Park, CA.

Each year the Buena Park Boys and Girls Club receives funds through the Annual Nutritlite Golf Classic. Cypress Systems is proud to join our long-time customer, Nutrilite, as a faithful supporter of this annual event. The Boys and Girls Club of Buena Park provides support for academic success, leadership development and healthy lifestyle activities for youth and young adults.

Miguel Hidalgo Elementary School

This public elementary school in Fresno, CA. is a Title 1 school of mostly low-income students (99% are on free or reduced lunch programs) and 56% have limited English speaking skills. JPW3 and friends have been long-time mentors for the Hidalgo after-school program, for which we also sponsor an annual Christmas party.